Fracture - Complex Trauma

Advance Orthopaedic Hospital is multispecialty Trauma Hospital in Ahmedabad. Our team is made up of highly skilled Surgeon, healthcare workers and other support personnel who are committed to treat severely injured trauma patients.

As the modern society thrives on diverse life styles, high speed transport vehicles and gadgets, they become more prone to accidents and traumatic conditions.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is any injury, potential enough to cause prolonged disability or death. The causes of major trauma are many, which include vehicle accidents, major wounds, drowning, Burns, Falls, Toxins etc.

How A Trauma Hospital Can Save Lives?

Based on the severity of the injury, immediate management and transport to a well equipped medical facility (Normally known as Trauma Hospital/ Centre) is necessary which will help prevent loss of life or parts of body. Initial assessment is critical in any trauma case to determine the extent of injuries and damages which will help the management and treatment of trauma.

Our aim is provide a safe and efficient evaluation of the patient whether he/she is looking for Trauma Hospital.