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Orthopedics is related with the surgery of musculoskeletal system of a human body. It includes both spine surgery and joint replacement surgery. The surgeons at Advance Orthopaedic Hospital, who are responsible for treating patients suffering from similar problems, take utmost care during the surgery. Generally speaking, the orthopaedic doctors have the option of treating patients through both the methods i.e. surgical method and non-surgical method. Advance Orthopaedic Hospital is equipped with modern amenities, state of the art technology and adequate infrastructure. This medical treatment center also contains own ambulance service in the case of emergency transfers. Instant support and co-operation is a must for any patient suffering from pain. According to the guidelines of this health care center, entire medical team has to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations created by the authorities. According to the rules, no patient should suffer from pain, and immediate attention should be given to every patient. This rule is applicable on all the employees of hospital, for taking care of every patient that enters inside the premises of this orthopedic center.

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Advance’s experienced Clinical Team has been offering the best in healthcare to many not only from the city, but also from other parts of India. At times the challenges have been truly formidable but once surmounted, they have turned into exemplary success stories.

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"Our mission at Advance Orthopaedic Hospital is to provide the best orthopaedic care to every patient and to deliver this care with the same respect and dignity that we would provide each other "
We are committed to :
- Innovations in the field of orthopaedics.
- Excellence in clinical services.
- With compassionate patient care at affordable cost.
The human body has more than 200 bones and hundreds of joints and muscles that connect them. At Advance Orthopaedic Hospital, we understand the importance of specialized orthopedic care by experienced professionals who focus on the complexities of specific parts of the body. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your orthopedic concern.
Using high level technology and treatment skills, most of our orthopedic procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques resulting in faster healing, less pain and smaller scars.Using high level technology and treatment skills, most of our orthopedic procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques resulting in faster healing, less pain and smaller scars.

Benefits from Advance Orthopaedic

Our Staff

Our highly experienced staff shares a singular focus on caring for you.
Our patients liken their experience to the attention they receive at a fine hotel. It's all about the nurses and support staff, and having enough of each to give you the care you need to recover. We purposefully keep our patient-to-staff ratio low so that there is time to take care of the details that make care at Orthopaedic Hospital for Surgery exceptional.

Patient Comfort

And since patient comfort and convenience are hallmarks of our hospital
We make a number of additional amenities available as well, including high-speed Internet access; flat screen television monitors with cable channels and DVD players, on which you can watch our collection of movies on DVDs or bring in your own personal DVDs, morning newspaper and in-room tea/coffee maker, fruit basket etc. Being a patient also offers you the privilege of In-room dining.

Best Practices

Orthopaedic Hospital for Surgery uses a variety of best practices to continuously improve patient care and outcomes.
We're our own toughest critics: doctors and staff rigorously evaluate patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys to make sure we're delivering standard-setting care.